Monday, December 12, 2016

Lead Acknowledgements

Whether you receive a lead from a referral or the "contact us" button from your website, you want to  send an initial acknowledgment as soon as possible. This tells the potential client a few things about your exhibit house. You appreciate them contacting you out of all the dozens of exhibit houses to choose from.  An inquiry acknowledgement confirms someone is on the other side of their email and it wasn't sent to an old email of someone no longer with the company or simply out in server limbo never being directed to anyone at all, or worse yet being overlooked because it was directed to the wrong person all together.  It also gives a positive reflection and clear confidence of your exhibit house. It proves your on top of your game and their company reputation, product and trade show booth design are in good hands.

An acknowledgement can be done by your front office staff or your sales administrator, it doesn't have to be a sales team member replying. The staff member appointed to reply is there to begin the ground work for a comfortable business relationship. Some of the details you may want this person to find out before it gets directed to a sales team member are show name, date, location, is there a booth size or booth number? Are there any specific requirements they may be looking to meet or a design they may already have in mind to send to you? This can be helpful in a few ways. It helps weed out the inquiries you know may be dead leads. Some inquiries may lead to the potential client wanting to use portables or just need a few kiosks. Maybe they've contacted you for a show that's right around the corner, you can advise them their past the cut off and propose alternate options.  

It saves the sales team from wasting valuable time. If your sales team has to spend time going back and forth for more detail to present a design, it not only wastes their time but the clients. Getting as many details from the potential client ahead of time allows the sales team to give the best first impression in a possible trade show booth design.  This can make the client feel like their not just another contract number, you know their time is valuable and you took the time to do a little research of their company, product, the show rules and regulations to better advise them of any immediate changes that may need to be made on an idea or designs they may currently have.  It also shows them from the start your professional, efficient and experienced.

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